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We are small-town and we like it that way

PointClick, is located in a small town in the Heartland of America. Although we are a global company, we carry our small town values through to our business practices. Values such as hard work, integrity, and honesty fill our team with a sense of pride. Everyone here is dedicated to serving our partners' needs. We are uncompromising in our commitments. We say what we mean and we mean what we say.

Thank you for visiting us today. We hope you like it here.

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Serving our Advertisers

Lead Tracking

Our platform is capable of hosting as many campaigns as you need. Leads are tracked and can be optimized for best performance.


All data is readily available in your portal or sent to you upon request so you can optimize traffic sources and ensure the best ROI.

Design Services

Don't have campaign materials yet? No problem. We can work with you to create a campaign and get you up and running.






Days Worked


Cups of Coffee

Serving our Publishers

On-Time Payments

Boasting false payout claims is not our style. We are the best at paying consistently, on-time, every time, without fail. Count on it!


You’ll have access to postback, multi-site postback, and API. There's also a banner rotator creator, Content Monetizer, and more.


You will receive your very own affiliate manager when you sign up. Any time you call, message, or email, you’ll get the same representative.

Our Team

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Ken Anglemyer

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Ron Gustinella

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Becca Anglemyer

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Lori Kopera

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Payment Frequency Under $2,500 Commission per month:
    Net-25 or Early Payment Option Net-15 with 10% fee*
  • Payment Frequency Over $2,500 Commission per month:
    Net-15 (Optional after 1 month approved traffic)*
  • AD Agencies/Networks: Net-25*
  • Hard Incent/GPT Sites: Net-25*

    *Applicable Payment Terms are subject to change or limitation based on quality and/or volume of leads.

Your application has been carefully reviewed. Most often, failure to verify the required information is the cause of application denial.

If you believe that this decision has been made in error. You can log into your account to find application details as well as steps to have your application reviewed.

If you’re still having trouble, or if you prefer you can email us with your name and e-mail.

You will need to create an advertiser account with us. Then we will establish a budget with you for your campaign(s). We may ask you to prepay your budget. You will provide us creative materials for your campaign or we can create them for you. We match your campaign to applicable publishers. PointClickTrack tracks the leads and deducts from your budget.

We are small-town folks. Our morals mean more to us than our jobs. We've been in business for over a decade, so people must like that about us. Our platform has had a decade of being honed into a fraud-blocking, money-making, (dare I say) sexy machine! If you're going to put your trust in any CPA platform, your safest bet is here with us.