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Here's How It Works

It starts with your campaign. You provide us with banner ads, interstitials, email blasts; whatever means through which you want to advertise. We then provide those creatives to our affiliates. Not just any affiliates though. Only the affiliates that know your business best will run your advertisements on the websites, blogs and forums where your target audience has been hiding all along.

If you don’t have creatives, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We have a creative team on staff that will build your advertising materials for you. We will then submit them to you for your approval prior to using them.

Once your creatives are approved and in circulation, our tracking software, PointClickTrack will track which users click those creatives and come to your site. Statistics showing how much traffic is coming through a given creative will able be available to you when you log into pointclicktrack.com. This is a valuable tool that helps you hone your campaign strategies.

Brass Tacks

Each month, you will be billed for each lead provided to you through the PointClickTrack network. The cost is relatively small compared to the value of a larger customer base.

What Is CPA Advertising?

CPA stands for Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition.

Example: If you wanted PointClick to get people to buy your product, you would pay a commission for each product purchased by a customer we send to you. Which means you only pays for results!

CPA for Better Advertising

Let’s say you bought television commercial time for your business. You would be charged a premium for the station you chose to run it on, charged based on the length of commercial, charged based on the frequency it’s aired, and charged for the amount of days, weeks, etc you want your commercial to run. All the while, you cannot effectively measure which customers you’re gaining, if any, through your expensive television commercial.

Are time and space what you wanted for your advertising dollars? We think not. With PointClickTrack, you will only pay for customers we bring you.