THE FIFTY BUCK GUARANTEE - Fifty Buck GuaranteeWe pay on time. Every Time.

Are you tired of networks promising fast payment and not following through? Boasting false payout times is not our style. We stand firm on our honesty and our punctual payouts. In fact, if we miss your payment or are even a day late with it, we will give you an extra $50.00 to make up for our mistake. At PointClick, we mean what we say and we say what we mean. Your earnings will be paid out NET 25. Every Time.*

It’s time to work with a network you can trust; a network you can count on; a network you can set your clock by. It’s time to work with PointClick CLICK

Payment Schedule Breakdown:

*Applicable Payment Terms are subject to change or limitation based on quality and/or volume of leads.

Available Payment Methods:

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$50 Guarantee applies to our net 15 and net 25 payments.  Your Checks will go out (postmarked) and your wire, ACH, or PayPal will be initiated on or before the 15th or the 25th of each month depending on which you are set up for, or you receive an extra $50 in your next monthly payout.  PointClick cannot be held responsible for issues outside of its control and will not payout under such circumstances. 

$50 Guarantee is effective starting January 1st, 2012.

Existing Terms must be satisfied for the $50 Guarantee to apply.

The following is not a complete list but some examples of when a $50 guarantee will not apply:

  1. You have provided us an invalid PayPal address or PayPal has closed your account and refuses the payment.  It’s happened!
  2. Payment was initiated but Issues related to the wire, ACH transfer, or Paypal masspay between the corresponding banks prevented the payment from going through.
  3. Invalid account #’s, routing numbers, swift codes provided by the Publisher, Network, or Affiliate to preventing electronic payment from going through.
  4. W9 or W8 has not been received from the Publisher, Network or Affiliate. All tax documents must be received by within 10 days of the close of the month being paid out on.
  5. The offer you ran had exclusive pay terms.
  6. Your payment did not meet the minimum $25.00 payout described in our Terms.

All decisions on the $50 Guarantee payout are at the sole discretion of PointClick, LLC