CONTENT MONETIZER - The easiest way to make money on your website's contentContent Monetizer

The Content Monetizer allows you to monetize users by having them complete surveys to gain access to protected content. You can utilize this tool for all types of content - videos, images, eBooks and more. 

First, you need content that visitors want and are willing to do a little work for. Second, with our software, you make the content temporarily unavailable to the visitors. Lastly, you provide a survey or offer that the visitor can complete in order to gain access to the restricted content. When the visitor completes the survey or offer, you’ll earn commission, and they get the content they came for.

Our Content-Monetizer is a custom script that allows your visitors to select one of many offers and even shows a thumbnail of the offer as they scroll over them. Each widget can be customized to match the look and feel of your site. You will have control over:

Content Monetizer

It's So Easy

Content Monetizing is the easiest way to become a publisher and get started in the CPA industry. Simply start a blog or website, add the Content Monetizer to it and start monetizing your content today!

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